Producing truly outstanding quality hops and hops related products since 1992.

Introducing Kresnik Farm and Our Family Tradition

Kresnik Farm is a family owned farm that has been growing Styrian hops since 1992. Slovenia is a very impressive and diverse country as it is the only one in Europe that combines the Alps, Mediterranean, Pannonian Plain and the Karst. The farm is located in the northern part of our country near a small village called Šmartno where we have perfect conditions for growing highest quality hops. Our farm offers you the most premium varieties of Styrian hops of only outstanding characteristic.

In recent years hops with superior aromas and attributes have become increasingly popular in the United States and especially in craft breweries all around the world. Hops are our matter of pride and hop quality is for us most important factor. Kresnik Farm is a farm with tradition, which can praise with admirable hops, one of the best around here.


The certificates confirm our true devotion and efforts to not only produce the highest quality hops but also to produce sustainable crop that won't leave an impact on environment and at the same time satisfy and amaze our customers. The STYRIAN HOPS certificate confirms actual hop variety, moisture content of hops, seed content and also extraneous matter in hops. Certificate called INTEGRATED FARMING executes tight control over spraying programs and analyses soil, spraying agents and nitrates. It greatly minimizes the quantity and type of spraying content available to use. And the last certificate called GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATION confirms that our hops possess qualities and reputation that are due only to Styrian geographical origin.
The weather climate and geographic position where our farm is located is just perfect for growing excellent, quality hops. As a result our hops have incredible texture, spice and beautiful color. All of these characteristics contribute a finest taste to the beer. Every year we try to evolve and use latest up-to-date machineries and technologies to transform the way our crop is sustainably planted, cultivated and brought to the market. Despite of all the technology that we use, at the end each bale is sewed up and marked by hands and checked with heart.

We try to offer only the best treatments and conditions to our hops so that the end result is admiration worthy and our clients always stay more than satisfied.
Kresnik Farm Hop Fields