Varieties Of Our Styrian Hops

Styrian hops are one of the more exquisite varieties of hops. Demands and use of Styrian hops has drastically increased in the past few years especially in craft breweries as well as in other bigger and smaller breweries. We encourage you to explore and discover more about our finest quality hops.

Hop wreath

Making a hop wreath

Since this years hop season is almost over and the Advent time has already started, it is time to make some hop wreaths to delightfully decorate our homes. We m... Read more >>
Styrian Hop Fields

Hops are looking gorgeous!

This summer proved out to be quite hard for growing hops. We had to deal with severe drought and very high temperatures several week in a row without a single... Read more >>


We offer all range of products including whole hops in RB 60 bales, hop pellets and hop extract. We put a lot of effort into our work to achieve highest quality possible for all of our products.

Hop Products
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